Defensive Sphere

The security space has become far too chaotic. Hundreds of products cover hundreds of purposes, and all promise to be the silver bullet you are looking for. This saturation of the security market creates a lot of confusion, inhibits your progress, and typically leaves you at the same level of risk.

What do you do to change the tides?  What do you do to finally provide the best protection possible to your company’s information assets?

The answer is clear. Ignore the security hype and go back to the basics of security strategy.  

Despite the fact the basics of security strategy have been around for decades, they are often overlooked by flashy appliances, silver bullets, and penetration testing. Although these all serve useful functions, without a fundamental security strategy they are neither cost effective nor strategically relevant to your overall security success.

Defensive Sphere, the LightChange methodology for effective security, paves the way to a successful strategy. Based on security fundamentals proven effective for decades by government agencies, financial institutions, energy, commercial, and more, Defensive Sphere takes an asset-centric approach to ensuring your information assets maintain a higher level of protection.

As a Center for Internet Security Champion, LightChange Technologies helps your organization determine weaknesses in your security program, define critical assets, apply adequate security controls, and help you maintain consistent levels of security. We even offer security awareness training as a benefit to your employees.

Your Defensive Sphere

Is Smart. Defensive Sphere uses your time and budget far more effectively.

Is more Secure. Protect your assets with best practices shared by most regulations and frameworks.

Is a proven Strategy. Achieve success one control at a time. The strategy is that simple.


A path to better security is just a click away.

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