A Better Security Path

Defensive Sphere, the LightChange Technologies methodology for effective security, paves the way to a successful strategy. Based on security fundamentals proven effective for decades by government agencies, financial institutions, energy, commercial, and more, Defensive Sphere takes an asset-centric approach to ensuring your information assets maintain a higher level of protection.

Your Defensive Sphere…

Is Smart. Defensive Sphere utilizes your time and budget efficiently.

Is more Secure. Protect your assets with focused best practices.

Is a proven Strategy. Achieve success one step at a time. The strategy is that simple



Achieving the security mind

Security Awareness Training with proven results for your first line of defense – people. Designed by former Red Team leader and security expert.

  • Corporate and private training sessions available
  • Live presentation from a security expert
  • Customizable for your company
  • Interactive experience
  • Unique material

security posture assessment

The Defensive Sphere Security Posture Assessment (DSSPA) includes a full review of security operations, regulatory compliance requirements, security training, information asset identification, risk and threat identification, and security controls.

  • Provides a precise strategy to reduce information security risk
  • Recommends the best cost to risk mitigation objectives first
  • Delivers a road map for your information technology team
  • Promotes efficient security spending


Protect your pii series

Information you can use to help safeguard your identity and improve your personal security posture.

  1. Protect Your PII - The Beginning
  2. Protect Your PII - Small Changes
  3. Protect Your PII - The Law of Low Hanging Fruit
  4. Protect Your PII - Know Yourself


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