LightSuite Proactive Services


Worry Free Management

               Stop worrying about IT and focus on what your Business does best. With experienced engineers to maintain your production systems, you can rest assured that your day to day tech needs are being met. This leaves you free to focus on your business objectives.

Proactive View

               We maintain and monitor your network so you don’t have to. With our proactive view, we manage all patches, and keep an eye out for issues that could become a problem in the future.

More than just workstations

               We manage more than just your workstations. We also monitor and maintain servers, network infrastructure, and phone systems. With our complete view of your technology infrastructure, we not only manage, we also optimize so you know that your technology is working for you.

Dedicated Quick Reaction Team

               Stop calling a help desk, and start calling a team of engineers who you know, and who are familiar with your infrastructure. Your Quick Reaction Team is a group of engineers who know your infrastructure, and are empowered to help in any way they can. Stop dealing with a help desk who reads to you from a script, and start dealing with someone who you know.

Technology Roadmap

               In addition to maintaining your existing infrastructure, LightChange will also assess your current and future technology needs. With hardware procurement and technology planning, you know that you have the tech that best fits your business and your needs, and clear sight of what technology you will need in the future.

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