LightChange Technologies was founded by Michael O’Coners, originally as Miocon Networks, in 2004. His experiences as a highly skilled Red Team leader led him to start his own company focused on advanced and highly secured network infrastructures.

Miocon quickly became a top Cisco partner in the great state of Kentucky and helped many customers architect, develop and implement IT initiatives to help their businesses grow. While focusing on the specialized niche of building reliable and secure network infrastructures, LightChange maintained a small staff of experienced engineers that allowed them to evolve in an ever-shifting industry.

In 2013, Miocon was rebranded into LightChange Technologies because the name, LightChange, better represented the open and trusting practices of the company. Despite years of success, the name Miocon simply felt too rigid and lacked the fluid feel needed to represent a creative technology company. LightChange, after all, prides itself on thinking outside of the box when solving customer technology problems.

Since then, LightChange has become one of the most reliable and highly regarded strategic technology partners - not only because we are trusted experts with proven experience, but also because we simply listen to our customers. There are no secrets to our strategy - In a world of non-stop communication, we simply stop and listen.